I'm Robert Sijka (Shee-ka)

Based in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, China

in Professional: Special, Pets category

in Professional: Wildlife / Animal category

I love photography and cats, I do my best to combine both those things as good as possible.
My journey with cats photography began few years ago when my wife started to breed Maine Coons.
Being around the cats and photographing them gives me a lot of joy.
I spent a lot of time perfecting my skills in capturing the beauty of cats. My goal is to show different expressions and emotions flowing from the cat's eyes. I prefer to use a simple background and light setting which complements the cat, nothing else.
In my photographs I follow Albert Einstein's maxim.
" Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"

If you need a beautiful image of a cat or other item to decorate your house, office or store, you're in the right place. Just go to the SHOP section and choose what you want.
I offer high-quality prints in a very resonable price. You can choose between prints on high-quality photo paper or on canvas. All my pictures can be printed in a variety of many sizes, even very large - you decide what size you like.

If you're impressed by my pictures and you would like to have the same for your pet, no problem, I can do it.
I don't do this very often, but sometimes, more exclusively I go to the customer's home to photograph their beloved pets.
So, if you wish to have such sessions for your pet, please contact me. I'll give you all details regarding the scope of service and price calculation.
I really like to travel around the globe and I can show up in the farthest corner of the world. So, I will either come or i won't, depending only on how badly you want this.

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